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teacup dogs for sale Oct 29, 2013

Choosing the right teacup dogs for sale

Have you promised your little one at home a special gift? What could be more special than gifting him or her another little one. That’s a teacup pup we are talking about. Whether it’s a yorkie, Chihuahua, pom, poodle, pug, Maltese or Boston, you will find the healthiest and happiest dogs for sale right here at Teacup Puppies. Our pups are top priority just like our customers are. If you’ve decided you have the time and the inclination to care for a teacup, we can help you pick the right one. However, here are a few important things to consider when choosing a teacup pup.

A healthy dog with a good temperament

Always choose a pup on the basis of health first. Temperament comes next but a healthy pup is very important or else you can never identify his temperament. You will find the healthiest dogs for sale here at Teacup Puppies. With us, health definitely comes first. A balanced diet, regular shots and checks by our licensed vet who is just as passionate of caring for teacups as us, guarantees that you take home a pup that is fit and strong both physically and mentally.

Aa trip to the breeder can make a difference

Apart from health, don’t hesitate to ask your breeder to meet the parents from among the dogs for sale. This is a better way to judge whether you are likely take home an authentic teacup. Visit the breeder’s home and take a close look at the pup. See how the pup behaves. You will want him to be friendly, outgoing and as active as possible. An hour’s time with a pup can tell a lot about his personality and if the breeder has really taken care to train him. Don’t hesitate to ask the breeder all the right questions. Breeders who are forthcoming and willing to allow you to explore their facility are more likely to be trustworthy. If a breeder only offers to ship and doesn’t allow any visit, it’s time to move on and look for another one.

The pick of the litter

Getting back to choosing teacup dogs for sale, you need to make sure you aren’t presented with runt or premature puppies especially if you aren’t familiar with breeding. Runt pups are high risk and often have serious health issues. Healthy teacup pups are those born on time, and with well develop organs. Then comes the weight factor. A teacup yorkie or Persian Chincilian cats usually weighs 3-4 pounds while a teacup pug can be anything under 10 pounds. Some teacups could have eating issues where they are picky and finicky about their food. This is not the type you’d want especially if you are a first time owner.

Choose the right breeder

When it comes to teacup dogs for sale, choose a breeder with plenty of hands-on experience. That’s what we at Teacup Puppies possess. Buying from a ‘proven breeder’ is a smart move. Merely picking what looks like a healthy pup isn’t sufficient. You need to buy from a breeder that offers a health guarantee. Read through the health guarantee with a fine tooth comb to ensure it includes what they do cover so that you and your pup are protected. At Teacup Puppies we take great care to provide our customers with a transparent health guarantee.

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