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  • We are small breeders  of very spoiled Micro yorkies ! my Preciuos Pocket puppies are AKC and Parents are AKC Certifield Pedigree!!!   
    When it comes to Teacup  puppies, smaller is better.  Cute tiny puppies  fit easily into a purse or lap. There are many breeds of Teacups, but  Yorkies / Poms  are some of the cutest available. When looking for  miniature teacup puppies for sale, a great breeder is the first step to finding your new best friend. Improperly bred dogs have erratic temperaments, health problems and seldom make good pets. A great  breeder  offers  puppies  that are vet checked and has the   parents on site. Your puppy should have its first set of shots prior to purchase. Once you have picked one from the many Teacup  cute tiny puppies  available, you may want to think about breeding rights .of couse you need pay for breed right.that is $1000 extra. If your dog is a male, consider offering him up as a stud services option to other breeders. If your dog is a female, you will need either a male dog or Teacup  yorkies stud services  to impregnate her. If you are not sure what type of dog to purchase, consider looking at photos of cute tiny puppies. Most breeders that offer  miniature teacup yorkies for sale have a photo section. Browsing these photos will give you an idea if a Yorkie is the right breed for you and your family.
  • Recommended Vet Dr Asaf Q  CLICK HERE 

I potty trainer my  Yorkies at 1 months old on PetZoom Indoor & Doog door .they will be full trainer at time left my house.
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Me With My Pocket Yorkies.




  • extra tiny females $2300

  • Tiny is foor sell with AKC $2200 tiny is Prove DNA akc

  • Bebe.Not for sale.she my breed

  • parti dollface $2000 3 lbs full grow.akc parti male.

  • savana $2300 Sandra's Teacup Puppies

  • dolly $1700

  • pocket 2 lbs 2000

  • Karl Cute $2000 Biewer

  • 2.5 lbs full grow $1900

  • pocket $2400 2-1/2 lbs Sandra's Teacup Puppies

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  • Lucy My dam Lucy My dam
  • bebe in my house grooming bebe in my house grooming
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